Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Vehicle Testing Tools and their manufacturers. Whether you’re a automotive professional or an enthusiast seeking insights into in-vehicle networking tools, this page serves as your go-to resource for navigating the world of vehicle testing.

We will try to cover all these leading companies manufacturing Automotive Testing and development tools. Do let us know if you want us to add any.

AutoPi.io ApS

AutoPi, from Denmark, creates customizable telematics hardware compatible with CAN bus and J1939. Their tools collect extensive vehicle data, offering valuable insights for automotive engineers and enthusiasts.

Vector Informatik GmbH

Vector Informatik GmbH

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Vector Informatik is known for tools like CANoe, CANape, CANalyzer and AUTOSAR stack. They make software and hardware tools for the development and testing of ECUs in the automotive industry.

Intrepid Control Systems, Inc.

Intrepid Control Systems

Intrepid is known for their in-vehicle network analysis and diagnostics software called Vehicle Spy (VSpy). They also manufacture ‘neoVI’ data loggers for standalone data logging. These neoVI dataloggers also have wireless capability where data is sent directly to the cloud and can be downloaded remotely anywhere. They are based in Troy, Michigan, USA.



Headquartered in Paderborn, Germany, dSPACE is known for its HiL / SiL testing tools like ControlDesk and AutomationDesk and hardware.



ETAS is subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH based in Stuttgart, Germany. They are known for their popular tool ‘INCA’ used for vehicle Calibration.



They are expert in GPS positioning devices, vehicle data logging and video solution. They develop GNSS, Inertial and Indoor Positioning Systems.Their VBOX dataloggers are used in High speed racing cars for measurements. Raclogic is based in Buckingham, UK.

CSM (Computer-Systeme-Messtechnik) GmbH


They are known for their CAN MiniModules which are Analog to Digital converters. These CAN minimodules are available for Temperature (THMM), Analog voltage (ADMM), Strain (STGMM) current etc. They convert these analog signals from vehicle into digital form like CAN or other in-vehicle networks. They aalso develop XCP gateway devices, EtherCAT devices and High Voltage (HV) measurement devices. They are based in Filderstadt, Germany.

G.i.N. GmbH

GiN GmbH

Located in Griesheim, Germany, GiN are known for their vehicle dataloggers like GL1000, GL2000 GL 5000 etc. which can record different in-vehicle networks like CAN, LIN, Automotive ethernet etc. Their data loggers are also sold by Vector Informatik as Vector – GiN dataloggers.

RA consulting GmbH

RA Consulting GmbH

They are known for their vehicle diagnostics tool called DiagRA® which reads diagnostic data from vehicle control units. They also have Silver Scan-Tool™ tool for OBD-II and WWH-OBD diagnostics. RA Consulting is based in Bruchsal, Germany.

Influx Technology Ltd

Influx Technology Limited

Influx is a Data logger manufacturer based in Bedford, UK. They are known for their ‘Rebel’ and ‘ReXgen’ datalogger series. These data loggers can record CAN, LIN, CAN-FD data along with analog sensor data.

PEAK-System Technik GmbH

PEAK-System Technik GmbH

They are based in Darmstadt, Germany. They are known for their ‘PCAN’ devices which are CAN to USB interface and chip interfaces.